Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers must have issued new Medical Certificates


On Friday, 5 April 2019, the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (TBST) withdrew the approval of the Aeromedical Center (AeMC) Doctors.dk. This means that the clinic no longer has the right to issue medical certificates.

A valid medical certificate – a so-called Medical – is mandatory for pilots and air traffic controllers who need to renew their Medicals once a year. Medicals can only be issued by a doctor who has received a special training in aviation medicine and thus is approved as an aeromedical examiner (AME).

TBST has found that Medicals issued by Doctors.dk in several cases have been issued by doctors who have not been approved as AME’s.

TBST has decided to call in all Class 1 and Class 2 pilots and air traffic controllers who have undergone an aeromedical examination at the specific clinic during the past 12 months for a medical re-examination.

TBST is in the process of getting an overview of how many Medicals are involved. The overview is estimated to have an impact on a total of approx. 2,000 pilots and air traffic controllers.

TBST will as soon as possible inform the involved pilots and air traffic controllers directly that they must have completed a new aeromedical examination no later than two months from today.

TBST will also inform the Danish airlines and the aviation authorities in the other EU countries, as it is important that all relevant parties are informed of the status of these Medicals.

Furthermore, TBST is in the process of reviewing all Medicals issued from Doctors.dk within the past 12 months to ensure that no significant medical errors have occurred. If the Authority discovers Medicals with significant errors, the Authority will immediately withdraw the applicant's Medical until the applicant has undergone a new aeromedical examination and has received a new Medical.