EASA 2015/340 Regulation

Regulation applicable to Class 3 -Air Traffic Controllers, aviation medical examiners, and authorities. Opportunity to download the entire regulation or access specific sections within the regulation.

Tap the relevant area in the table below and quickly access specific sections of the regulation.

System EASA 2015/340 Regulation
Cardiovascular ATCO MED.B.010
Respiratory ATCO MED.B.015
Digestive ATCO MED.B.020 
Metabolic and Endocrine ATCO MED.B.025
Haematology ATCO MED.B.030 
Genitourinary ATCO MED.B.035
Infectious Disease ATCO MED.B.040 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology ATCO MED.B.045 
Musculoskeletal System ATCO MED.B.050 
Psychiatry ATCO MED.B.055 
Psychology ATCO MED.B.060 
Neurology ATCO MED.B.065 
Visual ATCO MED.B.070 
Colour vision ATCO MED.B.075 
Otorhinolaryngology ATCO MED.B.080 
Dermatology ATCO MED.B.085 
Oncology ATCO MED.B.090 
Last updated 03-11-2023